Batucada Sincopado-Fast

In this series of videos, we demonstrate playing all the parts of a batucada at a fairly fast tempo (much closer to the tempos played in the streets of Rio today than we have filmed/recorded up till now), and we construct an entire samba “composition” with a full complement of samba instruments—surdos, repiques, caixas, tamborims, agogos, cuicas, chocalhos, chekeres, etc. The videos show us (Jorge, Jimmy Biala and Mike Spiro) multi-tracking and overdubbing all the instruments, and the final result is the sound track of a full batucada: we mixed the audio tracks in a recording studio so that we could highlight different parts of the bateria as the piece progresses. So at different times, each instrument of the ensemble gets featured: the 3rd surdo gets louder, then the cuica, then the repinique, then the agogo, etc. etc. If you look at all of the videos in this series, you’ll be able to both see and hear how the entire track was put together.

We have provided you two sets of each video—one where the sound is simply of the track we are recording in the moment, the other is the track integrated into the final mix, so you can play right along with us to the music. We think these are really great videos for seeing how the music gets constructed, and more specifically for studying how Jorge improvises and phrases within a modern batucada---His playing on 3rd surdo and repinique is all you’ll ever need to understand how to make a samba bateria swing!

*Note--- This was a very complicated video shoot and audio mix down and there are a few tracks where not every video is perfectly synced to sound. If you follow the notes below we’ll tell you which ones are slightly off. But they are well within the “margin of error” and will still be very helpful to you.

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1 Batucada Sincopado-Full Audio Mix
2 Spiro Plays Segundo, Jimmy Plays Primeiro, Jorge Plays Caixa—The Basic!
3 Basic Caixa—Jorge, Spiro, Jimmy
4 Jorge Plays Repinique Basic Ride
5 Jimmy Plays Basic 3rd Surdo Ride
6 Jimmy Playing Elaborated 3rd Surdo Part
7 Jorge Improvising on 3rd Surdo
8 Jorge, Jimmy, Spiro Playing Tamborim Desenho
9 Jorge Plays Agogo
10 Jorge Repique Solo
11 Spiro Plays Cuica
12 Jimmy and Spiro Play Chekere
13 Jimmy and Spiro Play Chocalho